Press Release from R. Alliance, LLC

After completing a private and public Beta period, R. Alliance, LLC is excited to announce the public launch of Maple, it’s new app and website.

Designed to collect, manage and help users find meaning for whatever is on their minds, it is an accessible solution for keeping inspiration, motivation and organization within arms reach. It offers an online Journal, a series of Reflection prompts, a repository for Self Study and favorite Quotes, Stress and Sleep tracking and free form Note and Thoughts.  All of which can be organized with user defined Categories and Tags.

All accounts are secure and anonymous, unless users self identify.  Learn more about Maple at  The app is currently available in the Google Play and Microsoft app stores.  Maple can also be access at for new users or for existing users.

R. Alliance, LLC is Richmond VA area management consulting company specializing in software development and organizational projects.

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November 1, 2017