Our Team

R. Alliance is built from the combined background of our Managing Partners, one from the discipline of Human Capital, one from Information Technology. Our team model is based on the synthesis of their experiences and skills, embodying harmony between people and process.

Our Human Capital focus drives the people aspect of our philosophy: practical experience in the areas of Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Organizational Effectiveness, and Learning and Development.

Our Information Technology experience drives the process aspect of our methods: working knowledge in the spheres of Project Management, Requirements Development, Software and Data Center Engineering, Release Management, and Quality Assurance.

Taken collectively, these disciplines afford us a higher level of insight than either could provide individually. Our entire approach is based on this premise, and we feel that this is what sets us apart from other consulting organizations. By bringing this edge to our clients, we give them a heightened awareness of how best to facilitate health and success in their projects.

Meet the Managing Partners:

Chris Dawson, Managing Partner at R. Alliance, LLC

Chris Dawson

Chris has more than 20 years of Human Resources experience in a variety of learning and development disciplines.

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Scott Waletzko - Managing Partner at R. Alliance, LLC

Scott Waletzko

Scott Waletzko has been an IT professional since 1995, has been in IT management since 2000, and is a 5-time Microsoft MVP.

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