Press Release from R. Alliance, LLC

After completing a private and public Beta period, R. Alliance, LLC is excited to announce the public launch of Maple, it’s new app and website.

Designed to collect, manage and help users find meaning for whatever is on their minds, it is an accessible solution for keeping inspiration, motivation and organization within arms reach. It offers an online Journal, a series of Reflection prompts, a repository for Self Study and favorite Quotes, Stress and Sleep tracking and free form Note and Thoughts.  All of which can be organized with user defined Categories and Tags.

News Update from R. Alliance, LLC

R. Alliance, LLC launched a companion website, called Maple Insider, for its Beta introduction of the Maple app and website. provides an overview of what Maple does as well as details regarding each Maple feature.  Visitors will also find detailed How To’s for using Maple and a Blog that frequently offers Tips and Tricks and using Maple in everyday life.

Overtime the Maple Insider will be the home of the Maple Extended Family, a forum for Maple users and fans and support the public rollout of Maple planned for Fall 2017.


News Update from R. Alliance, LLC

R. Alliance, LLC is opening up its new app and website, Maple, for a Public Beta period.  Beta users will gain access to Maple and be able to use all of the available features.  In addition, feedback from the Public Beta period will be collected to determine new features and the timing of upcoming releases.

If you are interested in participating go to and send a request to participate or Tweet the Maple Team (@MeetMaple) and ask to join the Public Beta.