Chris Dawson, Managing Partner at R. Alliance, LLC

Chris Dawson

“Hello! My name is Chris Dawson. I am the Managing Partner focused on Human Capital at R. Alliance.”

If we had met at a conference, or some type of industry event, that is probably how we would have been introduced. Probably the only thing you would take away from that was my name, which was scrawled on a name sticker and stuck to my clothing anyway. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about me and my journey to R. Alliance. As the People half of the alliance, consider this the informal personal introduction. If you would prefer a peek at my professional accomplishments please check out my bio.

I was born and raised in New York, spending the first part of my career in and around the Tri-State Area. I moved to Virginia in the fall of 1999, not to escape the looming calamity of Y2K, but for an opportunity to move my career in another direction. Even though I have long since left that job, happily, Virginia remains my home.

As my colleagues, friends and family will agree, I am not shy about expressing my opinion. If I have something to say, I’m going to. My hope is you will too! Don’t hesitate; email me if you have something to share. It’s interesting to hear what is on people’s minds and what challenges are percolating out there. I am fascinated by how people view the world and I often stop to jot down the words of wisdom that inspire me or lead me to some new insight. Occasionally I share these tidbits with those around me to see how the same few words might impact them. I freely admit, I am much more likely to quote Metallica or Yoda to you then Goethe or Thomas Jefferson, but it is all thought provoking.

It is this sense of marvel that I experience when I see people truly make a discovery about themselves or their world that has landed me in my current profession. To me a job is a job. Show up, do what you need to and get the heck out of there. (For the record I tend to be a little more, shall we say “colorful” in my language, but since we are just meeting and I all, I thought I could take it easy just this once.)

I’ve been the person with a job and I found it flat out unfulfilling. A career comprised of job after job did not have any appeal. However, finding and following my purpose has been much more rewarding. Learning how to elicit, enable and empower people to those “A Ha Moments” is as magical and rewarding for me as it is for them. Crafting a career that promoted and vitalized my calling has proven to be not only exciting, and sometimes baffling, but worthwhile and deeply satisfying to me. As an added bonus, it has been much much more successful than the string of jobs was!

This is how R. Alliance came to be a part of my life. I realized that sometimes the greatest value you can bring to yourself, and others, is to do something different. Take a risk. In my case it was a huge leap. Leaving the security of the corporate life that I knew in favor of being out on my own was a big change. It was scary and uncomfortable and I got all sorts of conflicting input. Go back. Stick it out. You’re crazy. You’re inspiring. Truth is all of that is valid.

This is what change and development and continuous improvement is all about. You find that insight, set a course to achieve the goal that nurtures it and go about the work of making it happen. That is what I do for myself and that is what I am meant to do for my clients. No matter the size or significance of what you are faced with, getting to the heart of it and making it your own is where I come in. To me, it’s all about making a difference.

I hope that gives you a little sense of who I am and what makes me a part of this team. I’m looking forward to meeting you too!


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