R. Alliance Workshop Facilitation Consulting Services

Workshop Facilitation

Gathering information and working together cohesively are major components of any initiative and they can shape its outcome. Getting willing and available subject matter experts in a room to participate is not always enough to get the desired result. Organizational politics, resistance, knowledge gaps and disruptions are just some of the variables that can impede the event’s success. But they don’t need to be.

Using an outside resource is one way you can insure that meetings, workshops and project sessions get the impartial results you need them to. As the leaders of the session our facilitators take responsibility for adhering to the agenda, delivering the defining outcomes, identifying and tracking ancillary issues and keeping the group working together productively. Your team members can focus on the topic at hand and contribute without distraction.

Our facilitators work with you prior to the event to develop a solid understanding of the needs, personal dynamics and influences that are a part of the session. Every facilitation engagement includes:

  • Updates as the session progresses
  • A debrief of the event immediately afterwards
  • Completion of the expected deliverables as defined by your requirements

Without having to deal with competing priorities, time constraints or challenging personalities you’ll get what you need to plan your project.