R. Alliance Training Programs and Instructional Design Consulting Services

Training Programs & Instructional Design

Training is a part of the final end user rollout of many projects. Time and energy goes into making sure the solution is well understood and users are able to work with it efficiently. Often times the end users aren’t the only ones who could benefit from project training.

Circumstances mandate your team comes together as a new group in a high pressure environment with a limited timeframe to get fully up to speed. That can impede effectiveness even with seasoned participants. Although they are on the project team, they may be having difficulty dealing with changes stemming from the solution, much like any other stakeholder. Training your project team allows them to overcoming challenges that are just as imperative to the success of the project as end user training.

R. Alliance offers a suite of instructor led classes designed to meet needs frequent to project teams:

  • Managing Performance
  • Introduction to Change
  • Leading Change
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Project specific training

We’ll work with you on the instructional design to make sure the content is right for your project and the delivery of the program works well within your organization’s culture. Our instructors bring the subject matter to life with their case studies and with examples from your project.

Equip your project team as well as your end users with the skills they need to make your project a success