R. Alliance Project Management Organization Consulting Services

Project Management Organization

Building a new team or function is never easy. Establishing your Project Management Office can seem twice as hard because it needs to be dynamic to accommodate different types of projects. Getting just the right amount of structure with the right types of Roles makes the function highly efficient, reliable and responsive.

We have experience creating new departments and teams including staffing them for your immediate needs and your future. We know how to implement process and policies to make them work well and produce consistently successful results.

We bring this hands on know how to your organization to help you create a sustainable project focused department or team. We can work with you on:

  • Defining the right structure and hierarchy for the function
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Introducing best practices and way of working together
  • Establishing standards, including documentation for audit purposes
  • Communicating with potential project customers – your business peers!

Give each of your projects the best possible start by creating a strategic Project Management function that meets the needs of your organization.