R. Alliance Organizational Change Management Consulting Services

Organizational Change Management

Change is a reality in every project. Knowing how to identify it and its impact to your organization is a big part of planning and preparing your project. Too often managing the organizational change is an afterthought that gets tacked into a plan after a project has already started. Or it is limited to training at the conclusion of the project. To get the best results from your project, you need to include change management efforts from the onset.

This will help you anticipate and minimize resistance from stakeholders, recognize the depth of understanding the organization has about what is happening, communicate proactively and monitor the risks associated with the project’s solution.

We can bring our OCM expertise to your project to design for your change activities, work with your leadership to oversee the necessary plans and guide you through the process of change that your project generates in the organization. This typically includes:

  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Business readiness assessment and plans
  • Managing resistance and promoting transition
  • Building engagement with communication
  • Conducting a gap analysis and creating learning plans to achieve the end state

Don’t let a stagnate approach to change be an issue in your project; get the resources to help you make change a part of your success.