R. Alliance Enterprise and Integration Architecture Consulting Services

Enterprise and Integration Architecture

As computer systems grow increasingly complex and fragmented, the need grows for a stable foundation and application design. Choosing the right design for your system is crucial to enabling growth and adaptation to change. We know how important it is to find a trusted and experienced partner to start your software development or system integration project on the right path.

We have experience designing, planning, and building global enterprise software systems, including multi-system integration over an Enterprise Service Bus. We know how to architect solutions that accomodate growth and integration to achieve results, all while serving a dynamic user base with a reliable and stable interface.

We bring this hands on know how to your organization to ensure that your project starts off with the right design and standards in place. We can work with you on:

  • Large-scale application architecture and design decisions
  • Enterprise integration architecture and design
  • Integration with legacy and third party programs
  • Establishing and documenting standards and best practices
  • Selection of development platforms and technologies

We can help ensure your design and application foundation is solid enough to build a world-class software system on.