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Meet Maple

A funny thing happened as we were working with different clients, we discovered they were all looking for tools to help with their projects and more importantly their lives.  That got us thinking about different ways we could support the conscious consideration, insight development and organization that people were looking for, which lead us to Maple.

It is designed to enable you to find those answers by organizing and retrieving the thoughts you capture and nudging you towards new insights and actionable outcomes based on your own ideas.

There are plenty of resources that offer you a way to do deal with what you juggle each day. Those tools ask you to work their way, very often on one thing at a time.

Maple is a different MeetMaple.comkind of resource. It’s comprehensive enough to enable you to interact with everything you have going on in your head. Consider the many places your mind goes throughout the day. Reminders, To Do’s, Ah Ha moments, off-the-cuff thoughts, something random but inspirational, creative ideas, lists.

That’s all happening daily for you, but let’s face it, you don’t always have a way to handle or focus on it. Certainly not a way to do it that suits your unique style of thinking.

That’s where Maple comes in. First Maple offers you a place to record it all so you don’t ‘lose’ any of it. Next you’ll be able to organize it so you can get at it again in a way that makes sense to you. No more guessing at where something is. Finally, use Maple to help you to appreciate why it was important and what you could do with that understanding.

Everything in one spot. Adaptable to you. Available when you need it. Orderliness and inspiration at your fingertips to support whatever comes to mind, from finding your purpose to shopping lists.

Learn more at MeetMaple.com or visit the Maple Insider to get involved!

Maple on!